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Caston Village Hall

Chairman’s Annual Report

2016 to 2017

Caston Village Hall has continued to be at the centre for much of Caston’s social and other activities.  The hall has continued to be the area’s election venue and is used by a diversity of clubs and organisations.  It has also been used for wakes and parties.  The quarterly whist drives have continued to be very popular and we are appreciative of John and Wendy Chapman who continue to organise and run this event.

The Friday morning “Drop In” for coffee and a chat is still a weekly date for many and is well supported.  Its continuing success is only possible of course thanks to the many volunteers who take turns to man the kitchen and provide various nice things to eat.   Thanks must go to the Regular management of the rota and supplies which continue to be carried out by Kay Farmbrough and Stephanie Blincow.  The monthly Frugal Lunch on the first Wednesday of each month has continued and again we thank Stephanie and Kay for this together with Wendy Chapman and Jill Branston supported occasionally by others.

There have been some changes in committee duties.  After stalwart service as the trust’s funding officer Graham Penfold handed over the task to John Hill.  We thank Graham for the many hours spent seeking funding support and we are very grateful to John for undertaking this important task.  Malcolm Valentine has been the Hall’s Booking Secretary for many years and has now passed the responsibility for this vital task to Dave Edwards.  The trust has greatly appreciated the work done by Malcolm who is now helping to oversee our building maintenance and improvement initiatives.  A new initiative has been the appointment of a Bar Secretary who oversees the sale of alcohol as and when required and this task is being ably and enthusiastically carried out by Steve Farmbrough.  The trust also continues to be thankful to Sue Ash who maintains the hall’s planters.

The refurbishment of the hall’s structure and the funding required to implement it has occupied much of the trust committee’s time.  The trust decided to undertake only part of the planned restructuring as the funding required to undertake the full project was not realistically forthcoming in the near future.  Efforts are now being concentrated on the toilet and kitchen areas and on providing an entrance porch for which estimated costs have been finalised.  It is hoped that the balance of money required for this work will be forthcoming within the next few weeks and that building works can commence late summer 2017.

I am continually grateful for the support given to the hall by my fellow trustees and the committee especially those who have taken active rolls in the hall’s management.  Mention should be made of Frank Brown who does a splendid job of overseeing our finances and Brian Brooker for maintaining the website.   However, we could still benefit, I believe, from the injection of some younger blood before too long in order that the hall can continue to remain a focal point of Caston’s varied events.

David Blincow
Caston Village Hall Charitable Trust.

22nd May 2017